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Reminders in the Google Ecosystem

A Mobile App Usability Study with Microsoft Outlook Team 

Role Point of Contact + Researcher

Client/Mentor Andrew Lambert, Josh LaMar (Microsoft)

Team Anamika Soni, Charlie Huo, and Rachel Xu (University of Washington)


A “Reminder” flows between the different views in the Google ecosystem;

In this Usability Study, we focus on Google Inbox, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.


People who use Google Calendar, Google Inbox, and/or Google Keep to manage reminders for their personal life.

Research Goal

Gain competitive insights on Reminders in Google Ecosystem to identify opportunities for consumer Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Mail.

Research Question

To what extend does the information architecture match the user’s mental model?

What works and what’s frustrating, and what’s missing?




Interaction Map

Participant Recruiting Matrix

Slides that I created to demonstrate the participants recruitment process for the class.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.02.31.png



Behavior Interview

Usability Test with Task Scenario

Concluding Interview


Post Test

Affinity Diagraming

High Light Reel

Research Report