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Immersive Art

Immersive Art

Immersive Art

Flying with Whales 

The project aims to create the flying in an unworldly environment experience for the VR users. 

The viewer wanders around the mythical universe with things that look familiar but in an unrealistic combination. It feels like a dream. The dream is so pretty and relaxing that one wants to keep flying and exploring it.

The trigger on the controllers serves as the on/off switch for starting/stopping flying. The viewer can reach out their arm into the universe and fly in the direction their arms reach out to. 

The movement is very slow, so do all the objects in the scene. Besides whales, there are crystals rotating in random angles near to the whales and a giant sphere made of the clouds far away from the viewer.

The project is inspired by my previous critical design project Ultimate Match. “Ultimate Match” is a future scenario based VR dating concept. 

In the dating game, the users can fly from one world to another with their dates to experience the pleasure that the reality can hardly compare.

The “Flying with Whales” VR projects provide the user a sip of the ultimate experience.


One component that I paid extra attention to when building the environment is motion sickness. As a female who is visually orientated, I experience strong motion sickness when playing VR games a lot of the times. When building this experience, I carefully 

arrange the environment in a way that decreases motion sickness. For example, the giant object in the far view is slowly self-centered rotating. It creates a grounding effect for the user. The code also arrange in a way that makes it very easy to change the flying speed, so the user can have a more comfortable visually flying experience. 


If there will be infinite time and resource, I would like to create a fantastical environment for people to relax, and to meet up with a date. The world is AI-powered and will be automatically customized for the specific two people who are dating in this environment. So everytime when the user is dating someone new, the environment will be completely different. It is for fun, but also for people to easily adapt to a new relationship and find their ultimate match more efficiently.